13 Oct 2014

The Columbus We All Love to Hate

The real actions of Christopher Columbus and the renaming of Indians.
15 Aug 2014

Jai Hind.

As an Indian American, I”ve always believed that I was blessed with 2 mothers: India, the mother who gave me birth, and America, the mother who took care of me. Gandhi once said that “there is no
2 May 2014

15 Amusing Similarities Between India and USA

Our article published on Storypick about the 15 amusing ways how America and India are completely alike.
22 Apr 2014

5 Lessons from India (Part 5): Happiness in India

What we all can learn from the letter "y."
8 Apr 2014

5 Lessons from India (Part 4): Relationships in India

An Indian family is a complex machine. Find out the real reason why Indians want you to get married and have kids.
28 Mar 2014

Indian parents

Some great videos on Indian parents. Courtesy of Planet Parle.
25 Mar 2014

5 Lessons from India (Part 1): Space in India

No room and yet plenty of room. Understanding space in India.
13 Jan 2014

The Annals of the Indian Ostrich (Part 3): The Indian American Problem

The Indian overreaction and insecurity is something we cannot afford as a community. My response to the haters out there.
7 Jan 2014

The Annals of the Indian Ostrich (Part 2): Devyani Khobragade

Devyani Khobragade and the Indian Ostriches. What the take-home message reveals about the politics of privilege.
3 Jan 2014

The Annals of the Indian Ostrich (Part 1): Section 377

Lesbianism, bisexuality, anal sex, gay marriage. This was India once upon a time. Why Section 377 is a joke.