13 Jan 2014

The Annals of the Indian Ostrich (Part 3): The Indian American Problem

The Indian overreaction and insecurity is something we cannot afford as a community. My response to the haters out there.
7 Jan 2014

The Annals of the Indian Ostrich (Part 2): Devyani Khobragade

Devyani Khobragade and the Indian Ostriches. What the take-home message reveals about the politics of privilege.
3 Jan 2014

The Annals of the Indian Ostrich (Part 1): Section 377

Lesbianism, bisexuality, anal sex, gay marriage. This was India once upon a time. Why Section 377 is a joke.
15 Aug 2013

Crowdsourcing Lessons from the Boston Bombings

This article, published in "The Siliconeer" and "New America Media," focuses on the Boston bombings and the defamation of Sunil Tripathi.
18 May 2013

Sindh in Indian National Anthem: An Attempted Facelift

The proposed removal of Sindh from the Indian National Anthem in 2005 did no favors for nationalism. A letter to the Prime Minister.
30 Apr 2013

“Put Down Your Gun” – A Call for Hindu Muslim Unity

The following poem was published in the 2007 edition of "Out of Line: Fiction, Poetry, Essays in Search of Peace and Justice", published by Garden House Press
31 Mar 2013

The Sikh Kirpan: The Pen Before the Sword?

What happens when an age old religious symbol is banned? This research thesis documents the story of the kirpan in America and was published by various online SIkh journals.
30 Jan 2013

India’s Half-Naked Fakir: Understanding Gandhi

A serious piece on Gandhi's role as a political maestro, not just a social reformer.
1 Jan 2013

Are Cows Sacred in India? Evolution of our Beliefs

The cow wasn't always holy and our beliefs aren't always what we think.